Molten Vole


The Shady Manoeuverings of Lady LeGrimm

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The cobbles at night
Lustreless lamps lend
Little light
She's making haste
And grace

Observe the LeGrimm mansion
And you will find fault
Why are the carpets so old?
Her gardener's face has sunk
He's surely seen things
So many wrongdoings

Margarite Daisy LeGrimm glided the corridors like a ghost
Slipping into the shadows

Despite heinous schemes she conceived
Her diligent deceptions
Were believed

The townsfolk
Won't loosen their lips
Even if plied with
Roast parsnips
No penalty
Will incur
For her
Past deeds

Scarlet jars stockpiled below
The cellar is crammed
Is she drinking blood or jam?
Boots ascend over the knee
They're very lengthy
It's so unnecessary

Where ya going lady?
Tell me right away

Despite heinous schemes she conceived
(Why ya acting shady?)
Her diligent deceptions
Were believed
(Tell me now, what do you have to say?)

Gathering the evidence
It's obvious for all to see
There's a malevolence
And it keeps bothering me

It keeps bothering me
She's sick in the head
I'm not misled
Maybe I am
But she drinks jam