Molten Vole


John the Undertaker

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And in the end I knew you couldn't
Have what it takes to
Cherish and care for my love baby
What did you do?

You took it for a walk to the cemetery door
Then you met a man named John and you struck a chord
A chord

I can't believe you
Entrusted yours to John the undertaker

And he dropped mine into the dirt
He had a grasp but lost it
Dropped into the dirt
My heart now rests alone in soil

You said you like his hat and moustache
And that he's ten feet tall
I auctioned off my soul to you girl
I was a fool

He gave you a coffin and you gave him your heart
A sweet exchange but mine got torn apart

How could you disregard
The fragile tissues that bind?
You've torn the muscles apart
They'll unwind
You're unkind

And then he flung his shovel up
He launched my heart into the night's sky
Flung his shovel up
My heart now drifts unclaimed in space