Molten Vole


Moulting Foal

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This infant horse
Where there was hair is bare now
The coat divorced
Its blotchy shoulders
Steering its course

The nights are long
The winds are colder
A bitter frost grips
Your blotchy shoulder

The breeze is not as tame
If you're cold
Light charcoal
Per chance
You fall into the flame
Drop and roll
Moulting foal

If you a foal on fire
Let Dick Valentine take you higher
Chunks of fluff coming out your behind
That's what I do
You got me losing my god damn mind

It plods about
There's lumps and clumps and chunks of fluff
Falling out
A lack of follicles
Threaten to sprout

The days endure
The heat is building
A watering hole
Would you stop wilting?

The sun will melt your skin
Save your soul
Dig a hole
If you
Should tumble and plunge in
Climb a pole
Moulting foal