Molten Vole


Goblin Town

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Gather essential supplies
Bags of rice and fresh meat pies
Put on your goblin disguise
Enter the gates at sunrise

No need to pitch camp within
A clammy old cavern
Guzzle goblin ales at the
Pickled Herring tavern

Then rest
We'll rise early to take part
In the ploughing contest

So let's go down to Goblin Town
The mayor Glod is sublime
Marvel at their furniture
And buy some fruit that infiltrates your mind

Eat me! Eat me!

Travel by wheelbarrow to
Moen's jubilant lights
Lunge from the cliffs and you'll be
Caught by blue fireflies

It's time to return to the
Place we know and love

So let's go down to Goblin Town
To bask in their traditions
Throw knives at the mayor's kids
Their long meat vests prevent incisions

Screams disrupt
As nearby
Volcanoes erupt

Let's go down to Goblin Town
And pull Glod from the rubble
He'll guide you through goblin lands
You'll sooth his burns, eat pies and unearth trouble